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Sandde specializes in a variety of services including business writing.  Sandde is proficient at finding the perfect business writer that fits your project, industry background, or experience level needed.

You can rely on Sandde to match a technical writer with the knowledge, experience, and skills to meet your needs remotely or on site.

Sandde reduces overhead and increase productivity through the automation of business processes. Sandde has experience using SharePoint as a document management system to handle all necessary tasks needed to maintain knowledge.

Sandde improves communications through secured documentation sharing and collaboration following the National Archives Records Management guidelines.

Sandde = Software and Network Documentation Development Expert


The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.

― Mark Twain

Sandde provides exceptional professional writing services with expertise that supports the critical niche market for professional writing services.

Sandde drives the documentation development from subject matter experts (SMEs) and translates the technical details in an accurate, efficient, and intuitive manner for users of the product systems, technology, or services.

Technical Documentation Expertise

Sandde has extensive skills and experience developing various types of technical publications for a wide variety of audiences.

Sandde is capable in composing, producing, or updating documents, such as:


-  After Action Reviews / Lessons Learned

-  Business Processes

-  Executive Summaries

-  Adobe Acrobat XI Forms

-  Memorandum Of Understanding

-  Method of Procedures

-  Operations and Maintenance Manuals

-  Presentations

-  Release Notes

-  Standard Operating Procedures

-  System Design Documents

-  Business Requirement Document

-  System Requirement Specifications

- Templates (using ProPath Templates as guidance)

-  Test Cases and Plans

-  Use Cases

-  User Guides


Sandde writers are experienced professionals from major industries who understand that a few basic elements are present in all effective writing, regardless of purpose. Consistently, our business writing services are:


  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Accurate
  • Organized
  • Sensible and balanced between text and graphics


  • In Addition, Sandde is familiar with:
  • The Chicago Manual of Style
  • The Gregg Reference Manual
  • The Microsoft Manual of Styles
  • The Associated Press Style Book
  • Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Information & Telecommunications (OIT) ProPath practices
  • Department of Defense Style Guides
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Section 508 Standards Guide
  • CMMi practices
  • National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) Records Control Schedule (RCS) and Records Management (RM) practices


For more creative business endeavors, Sandde provides packaging with purpose. Sandde services directly support organizational goals and, wherever possible, reflect an organization's mission. Sandde is experienced with communicating information formally from business-to-business, business-to-employees, business-to-shareholders and any other third party.





Sandde is experienced in working for major companies that are well-known leaders in their industry, such as Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Health Administration, and Department of Veterans Affairs.


Sandde offers demonstrated understanding of technical material, ranging from basic to highly complex systems across multiple industries that include defense, satellite, security operations, and enterprise government networks as well as private manufacturing.



Allow Sandde to provide you with a technical writer that is the best fit for your needs and environment.

Technical Writing Support


One should never use exclamation points in writing. It is like laughing at your own joke.

― Mark Twain

Knowledge Management Support







Sandde business goal for Knowledge Management (KM) is to improve the way knowledge is captured, maintain ,

and reused to gain value. Knowledge captures an issue and documents the experience of solving a problem providing referential information describing a process, answering a question. Sandde Knowledge Managers make an invaluable contribution to the monumental task of capturing a d

communicating knowledge and their focus goes beyond writing Sandde Knowledge Managers:


  • Synthesize data into knowledge for meaningful application.
  • Facilitate the writing process in communicating knowledge that supports client objectives.
  • Act as a documentation consultant who devises best-practice methods for capturing knowledge.
  • Continuously monitor s the overall structure of information to ensure compliance with organizational structure.
  • Promote Knowledge by capturing relevant content based on interactions with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs ,
  • Authors, and Reviewers.
  • Establish an environment in which the Author and/SMEs can focus more of their time completing core responsibilities by allowing experienced Knowledge Managers to develop and maintain ancillary tasks.





Sandde is experienced in properly managing evidentiary documentation (a.k.a Records) from its creation through final disposition in accordance with Federal laws and Department policies. Sandde has experience implementing RM practices and processes that are compliant with NARA and other Federal and Agency-specific RM policies Sandde can assist with identifying record types and disposition dates/timelines based on  NARA General Records Schedules (GRS) and other Agency-specific RM policies. To establish and maintain compliance with Federal RM policies Sandde can review clients' current documentation and recommend compliant solutions for both electronic and paper-based records management.





Sandde has experience establishing a set of standards and associated procedures for identifying and managing required metadata for all documents posted in a SharePoint Library based on standards identified in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Handbook 6102 and the VA Metadata Standard. Sandde can assist with auditing SharePoint Library content to ensure documents and knowledge articles are current ,

relevant, and still valid. Sandde can also assist with defining and designing your SharePoint site and functionality.


Sandde can assist with establishing documentation management suitable for your business needs.


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